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There's no better way to wake then to open your eyes and be eager to dive into a day of work where creative opportunities abound and possibilities are endless.  I feel blessed.  I live and work from a serene setting on the Indian River in Clayton, Mississippi Mills, Ontario, Canada.


Whether a day of stimulating mental challenges solving puzzles in printed circuit board design or a day of stimulating creativity hands immersed in clay, or perhaps forming silver, I am never bored.


My time is split between electronic printed circuit board layout and sculptural pursuits in clay and silver.  I love the variety.


Everything feeds my artwork.  Diplomas in Electro-Mechanical design and Landscape design have given me a broad arsenal of skills and a solid design sense.  However, it's the natural world around me that not only feeds my soul but offers up endless inspiration.


I've taken many workshops and classes over the years learning directly from artists in their studios and more formal university settings but ultimately there is nothing like diving into the medium to learn.

Lately I have chosen to focus on contrasts between our organic and technological worlds.  I have drawn on my years spent working in the technology sector as well as my passion for the natural world - not so much literally but conceptually contrasting hard crisp lines of crystal like Archimedean solids with fluid flowing organic forms representative of wood and trees.


Previous sculptures I have worked on addressed this contrast more directly with the use of electronic components to texture clay.  With my most recent sculptures I have chosen to deal more abstractly with form to evoke a feeling of that contrast.  I feel this new direction has been a suitable route for me to grow and resolve my questions regarding a balance between the two (geometric vs. organic... technology vs. the natural world... ).  It has also allowed me to achieve some balance in my own life... a peaceful acceptance that the two can live side by side.


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